Kitchen Sinks

  • Nirali
  • Carysil
  • Franke
Omni Small
Ornate Big
Opal Small
Maxus Small
Ultimo - Right Hand Drain Board
Ultimo - Left Hand Drain Board
Elegance Unique Small
Fabulous Unique with Veg Bowl
Fantasy Big
Fabulous Big with Veg Bowl
Fabulous Small with Veg Bowl
Galaxy with Veg Bowl
Super Slider Big
Super Slider Big (9.5")
Eureka Large
Eureka Delux Big
Eureka Delux Small
Trion Plain
Rois Round Sink
Round Sink Lid (For Rois Round Sink Model)
Grace Plain Super
Grace Large (10")
Grace Plain Large
Grace Plain Big
Grace Plain Medium
Grace Plain Small
Grace Plain Mastar
Grace Plain Mini
Grace Plain Junior
Grace Delux Jumbo
Grace Delux Super
Grace Delux Big
Grace Delux Medium
Grace Delux Small
Square Delux Big
Square Delux Small
Square Plain Big
Square Plain Small
Graceful Glory Large
Graceful Glory Big (10")
Graceful Glory Big
Graceful Glory Small
Graceful Glory Mini
Graceful Elegance Big
Graceful Elegance Small
Graceful Elegance Mini
Glister Jumbo (1.6 mm thickness)
Glister Super (1.6 mm thickness)